BK-125 | Insulated Ice Caddies

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Model#: BK-125
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  • Made of food grade CFC-FREE polyethylene and polyurethane.
  • Double walled seamless body with monobloc construction.
  • Equipped with 2 swivel wheels with brakes and 2 fixed without brakes. Due to its polyethylene structure and polyurethane foam insulation, ice can be kept in it for days.
  • Durable and suitable for all weather conditions. Its body doesn't break, crackle, chip or dent.
  • It doesn't require mounting/assembly.
  • Its sheltered tap and ice water discharge chamber allow ice to be kept a long time without melting.
  • Slide opening lid that reduces the risk of cross contamination. Easy to clean.
  • It is useful to drain the accumulated water from the tap during long waiting periods.
  • Dimension: 31" x 24" x 29"
  • Black