S2F2 | Double Induction Cooker

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Model#: S2F2
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Designed with simplicity and portability in mind, Eurodib's Domestic line of Induction Cooktops provides advanced cooking technology for every chef. Standard Features:
  • Double burner (shared power)
  • 2 fans
  • High quality glass surface
  • Easy-touch button controls
  • Auto Shut-Off Safety Features
  • Included functions:
    • Temperature range: 150 - 450°F (65 - 232°C)
    • Power: (1-10)
    • Timer: 0-150 mins.
  • Compatible cookware size: 6 - 9" per burner
*The power will completely shut off if (a) the wrong type of cookware is used, (b) no cookware is present, or (c) if the unit's temperature exceeds normal range.